The Little Lutheran

The Little Lutheran

The Little Lutheran is a monthly (with combined May/June and July/August issues) 24-page picture book, intended for children six and younger.

The Little Lutheran comes directly to the child. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle or friend of a toddler, this publication is one way to show you care.

The stories are meant to be read by or with children, so the text is simple or rhymed. The art is vivid, bold and engaging. The stories are faith-based, so you’ll be helping to nurture a child’s spiritual awareness from a young age.

In addition to stories, The Little Lutheran contains prayers, songs, Christian biographies, activities, rituals and more to help children become aware of God’s presence and activity in and around them.

The Little Lutheran sends your child 10 issues a year filled with art, stories, prayers, songs, activities and much more. Subscribe today…

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